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Rough Magic

The world conjured by Shakespeare is one teeming with magic, mystery, the unseen and the supernatural – where witches and fairies rub shoulders with ghosts and illusions. It is a place at once wonderful and revelatory, where dreams can come true or be dashed in an instant of ill-fortune or divine intervention.

This hour-long performance is an exploration of magic and the supernatural in Shakespeare’s work, moving seamlessly from one play to the next, revealing the Bard’s wide ranging, diverse approach to the theme.

The performance features live music, puppetry, and song, and is definitely suitable for children!

Festival Arts, a Birmingham-based community theatre group, performs Shakespeare as part of their annual month-long residency in Pembrokeshire every summer. This year we are delighted to be in the Outdoor Theatre at mac, a venue in Birmingham which some of our founder members actually helped to build. We are a company with a reputation for engaging and lively performances, and we would be delighted to see you at our shows.

Wednesday 4th August – 7.30 pm

Thursday 5th August – 2.30 pm (this performance will be live streamed)

Thursday 6th August – 7.30 pm

Book your tickets via the Midlands Arts Centre website, here

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